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Thursday, August 28, 2008

there's really no way to describe it.

feeling completely lonely, yet completely energized
life races by and invites me, entices me
come this way
come this way
come this way and know me

growing up
never knowing
it could be this great
never knowing
fear and pain fuse so wonderfully
never knowing
that life was so much more

crowded streets, empty souls
violent stares, cold hearts
filled lungs

one more drink, she said,
one more puff.
one more friend she's found.
one more, one more
empty soul.

life is horrible, life is great.
it's all the same anyway, right?

one cacophonous roar,
one hell-driven mass.

come to me,
and feel my ice.

let me clench upon your body,
and never releash you.
but do not worry,
for though my grip can cripple your soul,
my talons are warm, soft to the touch.
and you will come back to me,
and over
and over again.


HelpMePlease said...

OMG OMG love it!!! lol amazing so i am sending u LOTS AND LOTS of luv!!

Soogie said...

cool. leaving love

ps i don't like you