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Thursday, July 31, 2008

baxter, you know i don't speak spanish!

so yesterday was fuuuuun.

hung out with kylie all afternoon! we went to a plato's closet near her house... i got a few shirts and a really comfy little black dress/tunic thing. i wore it to work today with my black leggings and a pink top underneath. so anyway, after plato's we decided to go over to whole foods market to get some gelato and flirt with the hot pizza guy. but he wasnt there... so we just roamed around while eating our sorbet. we went back to her house and watched Across the Universe. one of my favorites =) then we watched matisyahu's Live in Isreal dvd while i looked at her portfolio and some other stuff. poor kylie just laid with some frozen veggies on her throat lol.

OH! another thing! kylie has all these hippie-clothes from this lady she knows. she outgrew them, so she gave them all to kylie. and because kylie's awesome, she gave me a few pieces. there's this amazing comortable top in a coral-y color with pants that match... and she gave me a great wrap skirt thing. so i'm really looking forward to wearing them. i'll post photos sometime soon!

so ya... today at work, this random guy with dreads TOTALLY sunt the MESS out of me!!! lol... he walks in and is like "i'm looking for a job. do you know if i can get a job here?" and i was like "uhhh... let me go get Will [the owner]" so i go back to Will and he's busy talking to Emily, and he was just like "give him one of my business cards, and tell him that he needs to email me his resume and some samples" soooooo i go back and tell him and hand him the card, and he starts laughing!!! then this guy is like "i'm just kidding... i've got something to show Will. Tell him that Benjamin's here. haha i was just joking with you..." of course i laughed at the time, but OMG i felt like such an idiot hahaha especially when i went back to will and emily 2 seconds later and was like "Benjamin's here to see you." while laughing... and will was just like "yeah, send him back"
so that was my funny moment of the day.

i found out who my roommate is! a girl named jayasree kandasamy... she's indian!!! how cool is that?! we're gonna have soooo much fun this year!!

love this movie:

sooooo ya! heading to athens tonight [nicole is performing]


and it's not official yet, but i think we're NOT going to lollapalooza this weekend *tear* i know andrew will miss me!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the jonas brothers, Cosmo, and ACE!

alright, i have a confession to make.
i've been watching jonas brothers vidoes on youtube like crazy! i'm becoming obsessed with them... it's depressing and completely liberating at the same time. i mean, i'm not as worried about the usual "embarassing" factor that goes along with whatever mainstream song i can't get out of my head. but seriously, the more i watch of the JB, the more i like them. don't get me wrong, you will NEVER see me screaming along with the 12-yr-olds, professing my complete devotion to joe jonas, or participating in a heated discussion about the nick-miley relationship.

honestly, if you listen to them, you'll realize that they have amazing voices and they're musically talented. furrreeeaalll. watch watch watch:

and there's more where that came from! i just keep watching and watching and watching...

[and how they dress doesn't hurt, either. ya i'm weird lol]

alright, now about my darling car Cosmo. i have made a pro & con list, so that you can understand what i'm dealing with.

1. two windows do not roll down
2. no cd player/stereo/radio [HOW WILL I SURVIVE???!!!!]
3. the ac doesn't get completely cold. and if it does, it takes about 10-15 min.
4. two different keys: one key to unlock/lock the doors and an entirely different one to actually start the car
5. i still don't have the title/insurance, so i still have to drive extra cautiously [haha as if]
6. the door on the driver's side always makes ominous about-to-fall-off noises whenever i shut it

1. engine
2. brakes


back to happy things, i'm FINALLY getting a new cell phone!!!! and an amazing one at that! the samsung ACE!!

it's like a cheaper blackberry... haha so i'm excited.

and because i just can't get enough:

hahahahaha funny story. i was going to post another jonas vid like half an hour ago... but i couldn't decide, and would rather just keep watching... lol

Monday, July 28, 2008

back in ohio [ya i couldnt think of a better title]

so i was only able to use the base's wireless 1 1/2 times before it totally hated on me and stopped working.

but anyway... there are a lot of things from this weekend that i could write about. but this was the general itinerary: visiting family members.

i've come to the conclusion that old people talk FOREVER! but i can't blame them - they're historians. so many memories, so much life lived. if was more of a people person, i would love seniors. but alas...

one of the highlights of the weekend was eating fried okra. i LOVE me some fried okra. anyway...

it's taking me hours to write this. i keep leaving, then coming back... ok, warding off the ADD.

so i watched a lot of spongebob, and i wanted to find the clip of him in those squeaky black boots... but youtube seems to hate me today.

on the ride home today, i was starting to get tired of listening to the same 6 or 7 songs like 2347823048 times... i know, how could i EVER tire of hearing MGMT?! but anyway, i scrolled through my iPod... and stopped at good charlotte! hahaha i used to love them so much. their first two cds were good. the third was painful, and their newest one i haven't even attempted to listen to. fucking sell-outs. does anyonee even say "sell-out" anymore? haha but whatever. i just got depressed listening to their old stuff... i liked their lyrics - they actually had meaning, and they put their personal life & issues and whatnot into their music.

but whatever, i don't know what i'm doing... i'm going to go finish watching the live buck show i missed yesterday and finish the Cosmo pro & con list that i'm going to post tomorrow.


Friday, July 25, 2008

yay for wireless!

yessss i'm in north carolina... at one of the bases.

i don't even know how i woke up at nine. i went to bed at 2 at the earliest.

oh wait, i know!
i slept the entire way here lol

in other news, i am becoming completely obsessed with andrew vanwyngarden of MGMT. it was already enough that their music is the shit, and he has an amazing voice... but then seeing him in interviews and performances made me love him all the more. and he's sort of weird, so that's a plus.

MGMT: [ben and andrew]

pavlunka on flickr did a shoot with MGMT and has some awesome shots of him:

and i'll continue to make this a music post... i just got Konk by The Kooks from the library. A.MA.ZING! definitely listen!!

kk i'm going to go now...

oh, and check out Oracular Spectacular by MGMT. i am so addicted.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

so gross.

ya i'm at work, but i HAD to share this:


and before you say i'm "slacking" at work, this is on one of the sites i'm looking over & analyzing or whatever. lol so it makes it ok.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i should be packing...

yep... spending the weekend in north carolina! so leave me lots of love

today i OFFICIALLY got my license... for those of you who talk to me on a regular basis, you know that prior to today i had a pseudo-license AKA it existed only in my head and the heads of select parents. i sort of feel bad having people lie on my behalf. sortanotreally. we wouldn't have had half as much fun if i had told the truth lmao

sooooo. tonight was a big night for bri! whooo Buck autograph!

today i got a cool purple-ish scarf.

oOo aaaaand i figured out why my iPod was being a bitch and was able to put all my new music on it... so now i won't die while riding in the car with my parents!

not sure if i'll post anything this weekend, so if not... have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a shaved typo, fujiyama & a few orange cones

yep, i came in to work today to see that Will [my boss] had given Typo [his dog] a haircut...

um, so i FINALLY got the pics off my camera from last week, but now i'm feeling too lazy to load them onto blogger... sooooooo that will be in another post [hopefully sometime this week]

after work, mom and i went out to dinner with tomi and her mom... fujiyama. japanese STEAK house. ya they looked at me funny when i specified that i didn't eat meat. haha.

a little later mom and i went out to "practice" my maneuverability... taking the test again tomorrow lmao. good thing is, i did it perfectly fine when we were practicing tonight. hopefully that transfers over to tomorrow...

i've been feeling like the biggest bum lately when i think about all the reading that's piling up in my room. things i have to read: 4 of my paperbackswap books, 2 library books, a few Nat. Geo., a few Time, and my NYU summer reading book!!! and yet, i want to turn to the 7th & final HP book... hahaha but i'm resisting. the third twilight book is tempting too.

oh, and i have credit on paperbackswap, so if anyone has a really good book to recommend, HOLLA!!!

alright... sobe, the tele, and some form of food are calling me!

one photo i didn't mind uploading:


Monday, July 21, 2008

what the buck?

so i'm sitting here, in a Buck waiting room [thanks bri! ]

and i'm seriously about to chop my head off. the people chatting are giving me such a headache. they're like 12-15 years old, obsessing over miley cyrus and the jonas brothers. i mean, alright, i'll admit that i like a couple of the JB songs. but COME ON! at least i KNOW that they're not that great, and that there are more important things going on in the world. in this chat room, there are people listing "take a bow" as their favorite song. WTF?! i'm so glad i'm not 12 anymore...

anyway, so sitting here watching the brainless chatter made me remember what a superficial and, well, brainless society America is turning into. hell, let's just say the world, too, since i'm sure there are hollister-loving, miley-listening brainwashed teens in many other countries. oh, but don't get me wrong; they talk about serious topics too. to quote one of the enlightened ones: "george bush is fugly."

wow. run for the 2012 election. PLEASE.

ok, i'm done for now... i am seriously getting a headache haha.

to lift my [and maybe yours too] spirits:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

dark knights, fun nights, and other stuff

gahh finally a moment by myself! hahahaha...

last few days have been so interesting/exciting.

thursday night was Girl's Night Out with some of the greatest people ever! photos to come.

caitlin stayed the night at my house. fries, project runway, and The Bed.

friday i saw Dark Knight. oh, heath, you are/were a genius. totally stole the show!

sat. i drove my mom and i up to mount vernon for the quartet performance... got to see lots of people =) and jenn rode back with us. we spent a little time at home before tomi came to pick me up for the play at her school... total bummer so we dipped at intermission and headed over to easton to meet up with jenn, joellen, nicole, and the rest. while we were waiting, we ate at gameworks. mmmm margherita pizza. sooo ya...

today tomi mom and i went to see Sweeney Todd at the Col. Children's Theatre. amazing... for dinner, we had whole food restaurant. all vegetarian, all amazing.

and now i'm off to see Mamma Mia! with jess... ciao!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

christian siriano, you are awesome.

so "FIERCE!!"
def. my fav from season 4... he's just got such a fun personality and cool hairstyle, and he's a great designer

yep, i've been watching project runway ALL DAY. make that, like, all week. seasons 1-4 marathon... and the new season [five] just premiered tonight! whoo.

ok, on to other things.

i actually don't think i'll be writing again for a while... i actually have plans for the next few days. [what?]

hanging with caitlin & lyapa [and whoever else is game!]
seeing Dark Knight and possibly Mamma Mia!
quartet performance
Sweeney Todd
another play with tomi
getting a mix cd in the mail for a fellow NYU student...

i feel like there's more to the list that i just can't remember at the moment.

adios, lovers.

oh, and Amelie is an amazing movie. a definite must-see =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


seriously, my blog has been getting NO attention recently lol.

so yesterday i shopped at polaris...

today, easton...

both very good days.

and because lyapa and i spent the entire afternoon laughing at & quoting this and other katt williams videos:


Sunday, July 13, 2008

i think i'm

gaining my sanity back... maybe?

idk... hopefully i am.

because i just spent like 3 consecutive days in the house, with minimal food intake, the entire LOTR trilogy, and almost no contact with the outside world [except flickr lol]

because i cant get this song out of my head, and because that jonas bro. is HOTTTT:

Friday, July 11, 2008

it's funny how

one day it seems like you have everything...
and then the next day,

you have nothing.

trying to cure my addiction

bollywood routine [katee & joshua] from SYTYCD. new season fav!

THE CUTEST VIDEO EVER!!! singing the beatles' "hey jude" =)

daniel tosh... haha "i don't even cargo!"

and... US!! "gaudeamus" at bell fest... ha!

kk i think that's enough for now...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

omg omg OMG!

josh asamoa... actually singing!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


i really don't know where that title came from... haha actually, i think i got that from one of mitch hedberg's videos on youtube "never go see a Dr. Acula!" lmao

so i just watched So You Think You Can Dance [and by "just", i mean an hour and a half ago]. LOVED the bollywood routine!!!! made me think about nicole and i spending too much time watching & dancing to indian music videos... haha =)

just looked at the schedule for lollapalooza... and i really really want to go. many more bands [that i love] are playing than i thought. i mean, if i had known Brazilian Girls, MGMT and The Ting Tings were going to be there, i would have bought tickets a few months ago, LIKE I HAD PLANNED!! but alas, i don't really want to pay $200...

oh phewy.

so who has seen Dracula: Dead and Loving It??? haha it's like a parody of Dracula. it has leslie neilsen in it, if anyone actually even remembers him lol. i first saw it when i was like 8? idk, but i randomly remembered it yesterday and decided to watch it. funny stuff.

i spent the first few hours of my day sorting through all the junk that's in my room. i can see so much more of my floor now =) hopefully i'll tackle more tomorrow after work.

um so today i remembered that i hadn't really started the summer reading for school in the fall... Sailing Alone Around the Room by Billy Collins. poetry. i'm good at getting into one poem, but a whole book of them?! so if anyone wants to give it a go, glance over it a little, and report back to me, that'd be great! haha.

i think i've lost my black nail polish...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i got it!

yes... today i finally got the frosty i've been longing.

today was possibly the most boring work day possible. it was already bad enough that i had to spend hours looking at websites trying to determine if they needed to be redesigned... but GOLF websites?! i mean, really. that has got to be the most sleep-inducing topic. and Will conveniently gave me a new project to work on 15 MINUTES before i left.

because i haven't been taking photos recently, and because i've been watching star wars... and because i found this video last night:

long live michael scott =)

i've been drinking mountain dew for the last few hours... not my greatest idea today.

i WILL clean my room tomorrow!

Monday, July 7, 2008

july 7th

and i'm still hearing fireworks! the 4th is over, people!!
call me unpatriotic, i don't really give a shit.

i told myself about two weeks ago that i was going to clean my room, and it's still just as messy - if not messier. the sad thing is, it really bothers me. i've done about three loads of laundry, and most of those clothes are still lying in a heap on my floor. each day, i dig through the pile, frustrated that i can't find what i'm looking for.

and yet, i do nothing.

i told myself again today that i was going to clean my room. but no... what do i do instead?

i watch Girl, Interrupted; read; laundry [adding to the pile!]; cook; finish a letter to caitlin. anything but clean.

i'm sure some psychological disorder could be diagnosed from this situation.

in other news, i hate miley cyrus and her "7 things" song. wtf. i was just looking at the lyrics a little while ago, and i swear she lists about 8 things... her father should ground her before she gets pregnant like jamie lynn...

weirdest thing: the only things i craved today were coffee and a wendy's frosty. i had a cappuccino around 2 pm, but it wasn't until about 8 pm that i actually ate a meal. i tried making an omelet... it was decent. then i made spaghetti. weird combo, i know. after i ate, i STILL wanted a frosty... i still do, in fact, at this very moment.

i'm sort of getting sad... because i have had no desire whatsoever to take photos recently. meh.

it seems like all my passions are just dwindling down into nothingness... which sucks.

i think i had something else depressing to rant about, but i don't remember and i think this is enough.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

thunder in the valley!!!

i think only kylie can ever truly appreciate the "thunder" hahahaha...

spent yet another night in athens, with my dearest nicole! but this time kylie was there too =)

lo mein. pool. iced chai. theodore. jesse remnant, your voice absolutely melted me!

after a hearty breakfast, kylie, nicole and i trekked up to mount vernon to drop nicole off... we had some time to spare, so we looked around in the gambier st. flea market. didn't find anything too spectacular...

after dropping nicole off, kylie and i got taco bell in town... it made me think of old times... you know, like three months ago. just being around campus made me feel reminiscent :/

i spent like 2 seconds at home, then went out with tomi and some others to see Hancock. wayyyy better than i had thought it would be =)

and then i came home and ate shin ramyun.

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy 4th.

so how did i spend this important holiday?

sleeping, of course.

and watching Star Wars episodes 4-6.

wonderful day, if you ask me.

important question: does anyone know ANYONE who has bought anything on those TV ads for weird stuff, like WeedPro or those AquaGlobes? because i SERIOUSLY want to hear their story.

oh, and thanks to facebook, for making it extremely easy to stalk my own friends. think about it, they send notices like "Friend A has written on Friend B's Wall"... and then underneath there is a "See Wall-to-Wall" link. and then you click it, and BAM! EVERYTHING they have EVER written each other comes up. crazy. talk about easy access.


i think tomorrow is going to be spent trying to find a ride to athens for tomorrow night. there's a show AND a dance party... nicole and i are ready to get our groove on! lmao...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

its wednesday?

swear the last few days have gone by in a blur.

this guy was at the Southeast Engine show last weekend. he's insane, and completely awesome. my new hero [and friend on MySpace].

got a letter from caitlin today =) basically made my day

that, and making some really good broccoli cheese soup.

that, and watching Camp Rock.