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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

we need your help.

in an epic kitchen incident in april my boyfriend cut his thumb and had to have surgery to repair the tendon and nerve. he's now facing the possibility of a second surgery. and let me tell you, the bills are adding up. the reason why this is such a big deal is that my boyfriend is a gamer. his thumb is important. he could face losing something that's been a big part of his life since he was 3. he's also an IT guy at an online school. his life is built around the use of his hands, especially his thumb. anyway, it would be awesome if you could contribute something - anything - to go toward his second surgery. any amount is appreciated.
you can read it all (and donate) here:
even if you can't donate, please share this with everyone you know.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i feel the stillness, wash myself in transparent oasis
i missed this,
stretching and pulling
forgetting the usual motions
sparkling in summer, squinting for vision
i close my eyes and hope this world is still there when i open them
splashing and not meaning to
that's what my whole life feels like, sometimes, splashing and not meaning to
but i forget that, in this moment at least, when serenity meets my dream world and the elements rejoice in ultimate unity
only then do i know that life is real,
when i'm submerged
and subtly gasping for air
something my body understands that my mind doesn't
the desperation, the flailing movement to keep
quietly i'm sprawled across the surface, cushion beneath me, eternity above