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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

goodbye 2008.

so i thought it'd be appropriate to do my "tops" of 2008. and since i probably won't have time to update tomorrow (you know, all the hardcore partying lol), i figured i'd do it today.

top 10 songs of 2008:
1. electric feel - mgmt - for obvious reasons. i've listened to this song on repeat more times than i can even begin to count. i lost count at 200-something.
2. hold my hand - akon and michael jackson - major, serious, intense props to lyapa for showing me this song. cried the first few times i heard it.
3. when you're home - from broadway musical In the heights - i thoroughly enjoyed this show. this song stuck with me because it made me miss home even more than i already did. great vocals.
4. sunday smile - beirut - non-emo emo music. looooooove it.
5. im telech - idan raichel project - israeli songs of peace and harmony. could it get any better??
6. get silly - v.i.c. feat. soulja boy - aweeesome.
7. marching bands of manhattan - death cab for cutie - i guess being in the city, i took to listening to this song more than usual.
8. hometown glory - adele - she has a great voice, and i really related to the lyrics.
9. satisfaction - benny benassi - great dance song. haha.
10. i like giants - kimya dawson - so i COMPLETELY forgot about this song until now. it really belongs near the top, but i don't feel like rearranging everything. so yeah lol.
jk. i'm adding an 11th: molten light - chad vangaalen

top 10 movies of 2008: (actually, since movies are generally sucking, it's not so much "top", as "what i actually saw and liked")
1. the dark knight
2. pineapple express
3. forgetting sarah marshall
4. tropic thunder

5. horton hears a who! - best spent dollar. ever.
6. harold & kumar escape from guantanamo bay
7. the duchess

8. sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 - haha haven't watched it yet. but we are going to tomorrow, and it will be SO awesome. and by "awesome" i mean "cheesy, lame, and insanely fun to make fun of."
9. iron man - i suppose. it's worth mentioning, at least.
10. twilight - meh. another mention.

top 10 youtube videos: (so this was really hard. and some of them aren't strictly youtube videos... but i watched them frequently on youtube, so i included them anyway.)
1. anything katt williams
2. "caitlin is racist"
- haha i love lyapa and caitlin.
3. harry potter puppet pals (particularly "mysterious ticking noise")
4. anything Cascabel. lol.
5. the humans are dead (flight of the conchords)
6. amp'd busted commercial
7. JT and co. "single ladies" SNL skit
8. can i have yo numba?
9. mva graduation, class song "i'm your angel"
honorable mentions:
anything daniel tosh, jizz in my pants, korean kid singing "hey jude", "muffins in love", powerthirst, "shenanigans", unforgivable, which backstreet boy is gay, anything mitch hedberg, 5 years time (noah and the whale), how to be emo, anything jordin goff

so i would do "top 10 books of 2008", but since i haven't read ten extremely great books - better than my existing favs - this year, the list would end up just being an updated version of my favorites. well... i suppose i could do that...

top 10 favorite books (any year):
1. if nobody speaks of remarkble things - jon mcgregor
2. to kill a mockingbird - harper lee
3. lucas - kevin brooks
4. charlie and the chocolate factory - roald dahl
5. serious girls - maxine swann
6. lord of the rings series - j.r.r. tolkien
7. wuthering heights - emily bronte
8. harry potter series - j.k. rowling
9. tuesdays with morrie - mitch albom
10. life's little instruction book - h. jackson brown, jr.
(best grad gift ever.)
very very honorable mentions: grapes of wrath, finding the open road, anna karenina (would have included it, but i still haven't finished!), a christmas carol, jessica darling series, 1984, the chosen, interview with the vampire, the virgin and the gypsy

um so i'm tired of doing top 10's and i'm getting hungry... goodbye 2008, hello 2009.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

so i've

been sitting here for the last hour or two trying to find the right words to express how i'm feeling. i began writing about how much i appreciate my friends and loved ones, and anyone who happens to read this blog. but my thoughts were getting jumbled, my words didn't flow right, and i just knew something was wrong. i sort of touched upon my ideas when i was changing my flickr profile, but it still wasn't quite what i wanted to get across.

i suppose i just feel really connected to everyone and everything right now. being back home, back in my comfort zone in a way, i've realized/remembered what (and who) is really important to me. i feel like my thoughts and opinions are becoming my own again, like i'm molding back into the person i currently am and the person i want to become. and it's also been refreshing to be surrounded by people who actually care about me, and who i care about in return. i can't even begin to explain how much i appreciate my closest friends, our mutual understanding and acceptance of one another. our souls just blend well.

and i'm going to stop now, because my mind is getting all hot and bothered thinking about everything. everything is just swirling around, gaining momentum! dfakdjapeofpiwje. translation:

Friday, December 26, 2008


Cosmo and i had a relaxing day/night in the rain and fog.

merry christmas.

yeah, it was yesterday. so what?

Monday, December 22, 2008

today was much too cold.

so after i bought the awesome book above at one of my favorite bookstores in town, i headed straight home to make some tea. Cosmo and i were not agreeing with the weather, and today i didn't feel like wasting gas aimlessly wandering. i spent the rest of the day inside, drinking chai and eating nonsense.

tomorrow, i promise, i will get stuff done.
oh, and the parents left for north carolina today. so it looks like i'll be alone for christmas. not sure if i'm happy or sad about this. hm.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"and then i passed out naked in my own vomit" :boop:

after a few nights of only 2-3 hours of sleep, my body was more than happy for the 11 i got today.

i spent friday and saturday in mount vernon. oh my, it was strange being back at mva. but oh so great to see my friends =)

my ohio experience in summation [so far. hah.]:
nights easily melted into days
laughter snuck into even the most serious of conversations
experiences, stories, memories, frustrations. all shared, all valued.
warmth replaced coldness
i no longer felt like an individual, but part of a collective being. i had forgotten what that was like, to be surrounded by so many people who care about me, who i care about.
i simultaneously felt at home and completely estranged.

umm so today i stayed in and
1) made my own hot chocolate [soy, not instant, added some cinnamon. YUM.]
2) made soup [tomato, rice, greens, someotherdelicious stuff] - remind me to give it a name...
3) watched movies
4) drank some of the best tea i've had in a while. something chinese w/ flower and citrus.
5) continually promised myself i would start reading today. maybe tomorrow.

so hopefully i spend tomorrow "out and about." i want to do some exploring and, i suppose out of necessity and guilt, christmas shopping.

Friday, December 19, 2008


SFKLJASWPEWAIKEJL got in at like 9:30 last night.

and since leaving new york, i've managed to have 3-4 cups of tea, 2 cups of coffee, and a naked juice infested with guarana. HAH

i don't remember all the clever and witty things i was going to say before i started this, so i'm going to goooooo. details later?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2 down, 1 to go!

finals, that is.

i can't WAIT for thursday to come!

i'm sick, constantly tired, and stressed. finals themselves would have taken a toll on me... but my immune system decided to completely fail this week AND i need to do laundry, pack, find a way to get to the airport [on the meager amount of money i have at the moment], write a paper, and sell some of my books back to the bookstore. wtf

based on my recent update schedule, i probably won't post again until i'm in my lovely room in ohio, drinking tea and not having a care in the world.

i haven't been outside since this morning, and i probably won't leave the dorm again until thursday. college can be such a drag.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

these may just keep me sane during finals

"im telech" - idan raichel project:

"when you're home" - in the heights:


Monday, December 8, 2008


haha dude it's been like a week... what have i even been doing??

hm. watching movies/tv, eating, and actually spending time with the friends i've managed to acquire here. lolz

thursday our floor went to In The Heights!! sooooo good!! the choreography and music was amazing. and it was heartwarming, and made me miss home =) i want the soundtrack.

saturday night it finally snowed here! sunday i procrastinated my paper until like 11 pm. and then at about 11:45, we watched a couple episodes of alias. so it was a while until i actually finished [around 4?].


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

it's december now!

and i just want to go home.

so some people didn't seem as excited to see me as i was to see them. problem? yes, i think so. haha no but really, the people that do "matter," seemed to miss me sufficiently... which proves that i do, in fact, have a couple friends here! *thumbs up*

seeing tomi this past weekend reminded me how much i miss all my friends. i'm home in about 16 days! so. freaking. geeked. i can't wait!

today in class i realized that i only have this week and next week of real classes, and then it's finals. but i did alright on my midterms, so hopefully they're not too bad. either way, i only have about 3 or 4 classes of each subject left. YES.

this afternoon i watched pan's labyrinth and cried. really though, it's such a sad movie. why didn't i know it was sad?? for some reason, i thought it was one of those fun fantasy, child adventure type movies. yes, there was adventure... but it didn't seem very fun lol. anyway, that was depressing. and THEN i went to a candlelight vigil for the mumbai attacks. that was also sad. i cried during that too. however, the rest of my night has been noticeably more lighthearted =)

i'm sorry - i keep giving gossip girl a try. but it just sucks. i suppose it's amusing, but i don't know, it's just not good lol.