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Sunday, December 21, 2008

"and then i passed out naked in my own vomit" :boop:

after a few nights of only 2-3 hours of sleep, my body was more than happy for the 11 i got today.

i spent friday and saturday in mount vernon. oh my, it was strange being back at mva. but oh so great to see my friends =)

my ohio experience in summation [so far. hah.]:
nights easily melted into days
laughter snuck into even the most serious of conversations
experiences, stories, memories, frustrations. all shared, all valued.
warmth replaced coldness
i no longer felt like an individual, but part of a collective being. i had forgotten what that was like, to be surrounded by so many people who care about me, who i care about.
i simultaneously felt at home and completely estranged.

umm so today i stayed in and
1) made my own hot chocolate [soy, not instant, added some cinnamon. YUM.]
2) made soup [tomato, rice, greens, someotherdelicious stuff] - remind me to give it a name...
3) watched movies
4) drank some of the best tea i've had in a while. something chinese w/ flower and citrus.
5) continually promised myself i would start reading today. maybe tomorrow.

so hopefully i spend tomorrow "out and about." i want to do some exploring and, i suppose out of necessity and guilt, christmas shopping.

1 comment:

Soogie said...

xmas shopping is overrated!

but new year's eve partying isnt!!!

hence the reason why im tutoring my cousins.. since i need MONAAAAAAYYY


and you should name your soup chocosaeyo

and only three people in the whole planet would know why..