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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

let's do the time warp again!

billy collins is funny, in a cool poetic way.

the lecture was better than i thought it'd be, and i liked a lot more of his poems once he read them outloud. i didn't stay after to get my book signed, though *frown* there was a looong line, and like he said himself, meeting the author is usually a disappointment, because the best you'll ever see them at is on the page. anything else after that is a letdown.

after the lecture, our floor went over to the rocky horror picture show.

so awesome. sdfjawojie;fadjk;awofi is all i can say right now.

i feel bad about not taking any photos yet... nicole wants me to make a video, but that's not really my area hahaha. we'll see what happens... someone come visit me!! i miss everyone desperately lol.


Brianana said...

haha.. I love the RHPS (what an acronym..) I will visit youuuuuuu
i need an internship in NYC =)

Soogie said...

yahhhhhhh!!! glad you like the scarf. and of course, i'll find a way to hand deliver it.. somehow.. LOL.

miss ya dearly! even though i'm not fond of you...