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Saturday, August 2, 2008

how to be emo

haha no comments on my actual birthday post?!

yesterday was pleasant, i suppose.

i never have conventional birthdays. no cake, party, or presents. ok so i HAVE had that type of birthday... but i was like 8.

hung out with tomi... saw Horton Hears a Who at the dollar theatre. that was my best-spent dollar ever [along with chapstick]! so cute and funny.

it was so f'ing hot yesterday, we nearly died. we went downtown westerville and stopped by Heavenly Cup. mmhmm APB smoothie. though it was more of a slushie, but whatever. looked around in stores... OMG THERE IS A NEW VINTAGE STORE!!!!! ITS SO AWESOME!!!! 50s, 60s, 70s retro. it's amazing... i almost got a floor-length black and white psychedelic dress, but i'm stingy so lol. but i think i'm going to stop by there again today or tomorrow...

today/tomorrow nicole and i are hanging out. you know, living the thug life!

my room is such a mess, i feel bad for the people that come over [aka tomi and a select few... and soon, nicole]

late last night until about half an hour ago, i was in a shitty mood. but i'm better now!

buck has opened my eyes to the world of youtube personalities:

my fav part is the "same facial expressions" hahahahaha dancing with friends... bend and snap

oh! and kudos to bri for sending me a bday card! and to tomi for giving me the coolest present ever! a recyle tee, a scarf that goes with EVERYTHING, a b&n gift card, and chapstick!! you guys rock

ok i have to go get ready for the day now. adios, amores!


Soogie said...

*^^* happy belated birthday~ no internet til now... -_-

Brianana said...

birthdays are the shizz!