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Thursday, January 29, 2009


so, um, i'm too lazy right now to put on an awesome array of clothing... sooo i searched through my photos...

HAHA. i am putting my full confidence in you, you can do anything =) and plus, it helps that you know what i look like, yes?


Briana said...

I REALLY want to see the tree one illustrated! lol alia why are your eyes blacked out in the last photo? I find it awesome.

Soogie said...



i'll do the tree illus..

becuz i can make thing CRAAAZAAAYYY -er..

LOVES YOU! it takes awhile for me to draw and color and stuff.. so WAIT FOR MOI!

ah. and word verification today was "materit"

Soogie said...

i saw your doodles on fb and i LOOOOOOOVE them! LMAO LMAO

you should try finger painting! cuz that's purty damn cool..

must rush to english class now.. stupid essays..