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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

wait, when was groundhog day?

life has been rather dull. although that's relative, because i suppose nothing can be too dull in new york city.

the other day i started re-reading If Nobody, and i've been in my own dreamy, poetic world ever since. love this book.

yesterday i think i was inspired by 1) above mentioned book 2) renaissance artwork - which i'm studying for a few classes 3) the 25 Things fb notes - mine and others and maybe 4) soogie's recent awesomeness.
[sort of like how edward scissorhands was the inspiration for my haircut]

haha who knows, but i've begun doodling, sketching, whatever you want to call it. muuaaahahaha i'm going to take over the world.

hah i'll post a photo sometime.

but aside from my sporadic creativity, nothing's been happening. today it snowed like a bitch and walking to class was unpleasant and gross. one of my classes was cancelled =)


Soogie said...


what is the world coming to...

but yah. IM WORKING ON YOUR PICTURE! im trying to figure out how to draw a friggin background without ruining the actual drawing.. since that's what i've currently been doing.. rather disappointed at my lack of photoshopping skill right now..

but your tree pick gave me this sUpER DUpeR idea! im drawing you like some sort of wood nymph (since i can't see your legs anyway..) and remember that stupid career test we took and one of yours was a dancer?

nuff said..

Soogie said...

btw. renaissance art is da bomb.

look up durer! with two dots over the u.. since he's german...

because the teenage mutant ninja turle clan is (rightfully so) overrated...

and durer is just so much cooler..

Soogie said...


word verification of the day..


might name my kid that..