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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

blowing it.

so although i'm recovering from my weekend cold, i'm beginng to deal with all the homework i've been slacking on. failing to pay attention to some materials, i missed the perfect opportunity to take a required museum trip over the weekend. now, i'm planning on going tomorrow morning, skipping my leastfavoriteclassever, in order to have the assignment done by friday. i would totally not go and bs into oblivion, but we have to have a receipt and ticket stub. urgh, lee, urgh. in other news, i LOVE my mon-weds classes, soc. foundatinos [sociology] and writing. glassman and bauman FTW. however, tuesdays and thursdays are like dying. cultural foundations [art history/nonsense/idkwhattheclassissupposedtobeabout] and biology. twice a week. make that thrice, for bio lab on friday.

hah. i'm just bitter that my transcript is going to be effed.

yesterday i dropped my phone in the elevator. luckily, it's fine. but then later on, i spilled water on my laptop. again. [first time had been... omg! february! of last year!]

got two free pens on the street today. guys advertising for a demetri martin show. tonight? maybe. i don't know, i just like free stuff lol.

so i have to go catch up on lots of reading.

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Soogie said...


poor computer...

btw, my super snotty, "i-have-a-rich-daddy-so-i-can-treat-you-like-crap," abusive lover, benny, is fixed, so hopefully he's learned his lesson.