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Sunday, January 4, 2009

"will you marry me?"

friday night i saw the curious case of benjamin button with tomi. wtf. i knew it'd be depressing, but come on, did it have to be THAT sad? it wasn't even tear-worthy. it was just like "wow, this is really depressing." and i left the theatre feeling terrible; i barely said anything in the car ride home haha.

yesterday, saturday, some of us (jess, danika, nicole, josh, and i) went to the zoo to see the amaaaazing lights.

afterward, we went to steak n shake =)


Briana said...

i dont think I have commented your blog in forever! Im reading it but being super lazy. sorry lol. and yeah, the curious case of benjamin button should be called the 'traumatizing case of benjamin button' because I left feeling tramautized and emotionally raped. no tears, just... emptiness lol

Soogie said...

awwwww.. i actually liked it!

but then again.. i was just staring at brad pitt the whole time.. JUST brad pitt..