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Monday, January 19, 2009

goodbye Cosmo, goodbye Ohio.

i suppose this is a really pointless post.
i'll be in new york for the next four months.
send me waves of peace, love, and patience.


Soogie said...


i'll draw pics for you on my new tablet!



o btw, the word verification for this comment was "phornup"

does anyone else fine it funny???

Soogie said...

i realized something very profound..

actually, it's not profound at all..

but i realized that the ONLY reason that i don't post pictures online (even facebook) is cuz i don't like plugging my camera to my laptop...

but with my TABLET i don't have tooooooo!!

omgsh omgsh omgsh omgsh

Soogie said...

sooo.. WHY THE HELL are you in bio??

this is not cool...