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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


headache. college. ksldkfs;kd it all sucks lol.

so the semester started yesterday. lots of reading... and guess what else? BIOLOGY. whyyy am i taking bio?? i really want to drop and take a sophomore seminar class, but i'm afraid haha. but anyway, my bio teacher already got on my bad side by insanely generalizing left-handed and right-handed people. prof lee: "...that's why people have always thought lefthanded people were slow, weren't as smart as righthanded people." and he went on and on, claiming lefties do certain things - things i do not, in fact, do. he didn't even say "some" or "most", or ask me, the only lefthanded person in the class, if those things applied.


1 comment:

Soogie said...

oh dang...

why the HELL are you taking bio?

but then again, why the hell did i take chem?

science is wack. go drop it