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Thursday, January 22, 2009

i still want to drop bio, though.

so i didn't want to leave things where they were in my last post. biology schmiology.

also, i have time because i'm not tired, am already done with my work for tomorrow, and don't have class until 11am. i could catch up on sleep, but my roommate just ordered insomnia, so yeah. so i'm going to get my dose of chocolate =) but after that, maybe... umm i can't believe i don't really have anything to say or rant about. other than the ordinary i-hate-college crap. it's getting old, even to me. hah

maybe a video: nope just kidding, youtube is "performing site maintenance."

well in my writing class we read philip k. dick's "do androiods dream of electric sheep?" which was the original inspiration for the movie blade runner. very interesting. about the human race during a post-apocalyptic period where androids have become prevalent, and people are emigrating to mars. it addresses the questions: what is it to be human? what makes one alive? are androids living? after i read it, i was just sort of like "alright, that was interesting, but weird. whatever." but our discussion in class today brought such a new perspective to it all. and i understand the book so much better. and it's intense. we're watching the movie [blade runner] on sunday and writing a response based on our notes.

um because i feel like this blog couldn't seem any more boring, i'm going to go now. lol


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