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Friday, January 16, 2009

it IS friday, right?

i've had a strange few days. i guess you could say that i've been relatively relaxed, mainly staying inside to avoid the snowy and insanely brutal cold. but it's also been a bit rough, knowing these are my last few days at home. fksnfwpoei i can't even think of the right words to express how i'm feeling. i've been a mess; sleeping at odd times, crying sporadically, shying away from human interaction. there are actually a lot of things i need to get and do before heading back, but i've been avoiding everything... as if it would all go away if i just didn't think about it. hah. i just wish life was simpler. *sigh* i think i'm going to bed. yeah i know, 11:30 on a friday night. sorry this post completely sucks in the interesting, lighthearted, photo, and video/music departments. i've been off all day.

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Briana said...

yeah this week is just weird. Any time I am about to leave home for a long time- (I even did this at MVA) I would get kind of weird during the last week- like crying, fighting, getting sick, refusing to go out, etc etc. its always something different