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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

delusional, crazy, mad, wispy.

it makes me feel like one of those delusional, crazy old men. you know, the mad scientist type. wispy hair and ideas.


Geneviéve Cuva said...

You could be a female Einstein for Halloween. Or for fun. Just show up at a coffee shop with white hair and a fake mustache, in a wrinkled baggy suit.
It would be awesome :D

Briana said...

yo, yo hair looks da bomb! lol. I wish I could do that but I will not cut my hair anymore. I dont want to look like I did freshmen year at MVA lol.

OMG chocobaba you would LOVE the mellow mushroom. you walk in and they have it decorated like you have already had some magic shrooms. actually, I bet they put magic shrooms in the pizza place so you can start hallucinating a good time. lol. oh and the food is MUY delicioso!

Blissfully Ignorant said...

"don't try to categorize me or label me, or even judge me. because it won't work. i'm me, and nothing else."

yet...you long "for people to look at me and pointedly say, "she's a hippie".

hmm...contradict much?

alia said...

alright Blissfully Ignorant. i don't know if you know me at all, but if you noticed, the hippie bit i wrote in my "at the moment" section was something i was thinking at the moment i was updating. even if these are contradictory statments, i don't want you to think or assume that i am always in one mindset, one way or the other. in fact, you probably don't even know what i meant when i made the statement about being called a hippie. it might have made more sense to just ask me instead. also, i intended the statement in my profile description to go along with my subheading, which is "love me for who i am." it was that that i was thinking of when i wrote that. obviously, labeling and categorizing is inevitable, but i wrote that with certain people in mind.

Soogie said...

ditto what chocobaba said...



Blissfully Ignorant said...

So why are you so 'hot-and-bothered' by what i posted? It was clearly an observation as I was passing by your blog. Maybe you should clarify yourself more, rather than ramble on about a bunch of senseless garbage that, to you, sounds like it is really interesting, when in reality, is boring and repetitive. But I know...you'll say 'This is my blog, don't read it then...yada yada bullshit...yada yada...' and you'll start swearing and calling me names. Trust me...I know how this works. I've been doing this type of thing for a while now. Just think about it. In closing, I have one thing to ask you--


alia said...

well, whatever. i don't want to make this into something bigger than it is. i suppose rambling on about senseless garbage is just what i do haha. and i'm not going to swear and call you names, because it's really not that serious. i'm not the type of person to just lash out angrily at a person i don't even know over something trivial. thanks for your comments, although i have to admit i'm a bit confused. and no, i'm not mad?