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Sunday, September 14, 2008

make it better, do it faster...

i need to get out of this place. ASAP.

yesterday = decent.

ate lunch with alex. omg, if you knew him... imagine a gay ken doll. that's what alex looks like. except alex claims to be straight. but we're all confused... anyway, so he was talking about one of our floormates [heber] who also seems gay. BUT we know that heber is straight because he likes girls very much. he's just dramatic, because, well, he's in theatre. anyway, so i was amused and had to keep from laughing when alex was talking about how heber should admit that he's gay and other stuff... anyway.

went out to mexican. so stupid. i still had like 5 meals for the week, but no i decide to spend $12 on a quesadilla and some rice & beans. damn peer pressure.

when we got back to the dorm, i spent 3 of my remaining meals on water and waffle fries. haha.

jay rolled some and we [jay, kassandra, patrick and i] went for a walk...

when we got back i spent another meal on vegetarian chili. we just chilled in the hall talking for a while, while the rest of the floor was drinking tequila and being all exclusive lol... in the end, we joined them once all the alcohol was gone and just hung out. we started watching this random indian movie called Dus. soooo confusing lol.

anyway, like i said before, i want to leave here. you know those times when you just don't feel like you belong somewhere? like, i haven't clicked with anyone here yet. i don't have that "connection" i've had with people back home... i just know that this isn't the place for me.

oh, and supposedly, elijah wood will be in our dorm tonight for the open mic... i'm a little doubtful, but i'm going to check it out just in case it IS really him lol.

this helps me not feel like shit all the time:

yay for daft punk and the person who made this vid.

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