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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the banking concept of education & problem-posing. i like you, freire.

it's been hard for me to post the last few days... it's difficult to try to convince yourself that other people actually want to read your narcissistic, bullshit ramblings, you know? especially if you get only 2 comments [on average], sometimes from the same person...

so in case you're reading this, and you do care about what goes on in my life:

i'm almost sort of starting to adjust to the idea of being in school again. almost. sort of. starting to.

smoking is becoming a habit, which i suppose isn't very good.
but we all die sometime, right?

i found about them a while ago, but Crystal Castles ftw:

oh, and for the record, the shins are also great for high times.


Brianana said...

the shins are great for ALL times... not!!! hahaa... no just kidding, they are great but I wanted to say 'NOT!!!' heh.. that movie...
I hate education but I have to do it. blaaaaahhhh
smoking is a bad habit, but so is High Fructose Corn Syrup- which is what I tend to spend about $5 a week on.. even though im poor as hell and cant even afford a razor to shave my wooly-mammoth legs! heh... shit I forgot what I was gonna say..
yeah I was trying it on with a black dress which actually turned out very cute, but I dont have anywhere to where it... hate wearing dresses to work lol

Brianana said...

hahaha.. omg i need to go to NYC!!!
so I guess James Franco is like the Josh Sowers of NYC! lol

Soogie said...

i am third comment! lol

schooooooooll. omgggggg.. i have to get school stuff, and it's annoying the hell out of me.. i don't even no what time to get there, or WHERE at school.. herm. what a great impression that will be...

Blissfully Ignorant said...

eww...marlboro tastes like complete asshole...gross.

its all about the camel.

HelpMePlease said...

i agree....marlboro tastes like shizzz... my favs are camel Menthols and yeah they are worse for you but so is the regular smoking tooo soooo WHATEV!! lol i am glad your adjusting a bit better.... i am starting to get lazy and that is not good and i am freaking out about will i make it ? can i do it? so yeah i think i can!! and BTW i luv ur blog so please dont take it off!!!

much luv,

caicra said...

alla chocmonster!! so i got a blog just because i liked reading yours so much and i wanted to comment it!! nyu sounds crazy and fun!! i want to come visit you soon!!