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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cloud in the sky.

i want these boots.

i also want my parents' support,

but we'll see what happens.

i cried really hard today, because i finally realized that all my life i've just wanted my dad's approval. and as i was emailing him, i was worried that this may be the breaking point. leaving college is the one thing i want him to really understand about me, but it's scary as hell waiting for his answer.

i heard this song the other day in a store, and i thought back to the good ole days...


HelpMePlease said...

lol u know what i realized? kylie is like holding onto Kep's arm and Eleni isnt it was soo weird!! lol i dont remember holding onto anyone else!!

Soogie said...

i thought i'd tell you something about today.

during the blackout, i got a "free gift" from time magazine, a flashlight WITH batteries...

and i thought "how appropriate!"

misses ya! and try not to weird yourself out... i'll make lotza new york students at osu and make an excuse to come over!