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Monday, May 31, 2010

monday memorial

dreams of strange shopping malls and injured moms
crunch of peanut butter, cold wave of almond
afternoon with shakespeare and depp in turn,
british realm for the british tea
like the kind mark corrigan drinks while contemplating and internalizing
dreams that come and go, life that flashes and fades with a crunch
scrape brownies from the pan, wholesomeness and the recommended serving of vegetables is outdated, right
daria is me, was me, it doesn't really matter as long as i stay in bed
prospero will always be here, the cap'n won't desert me
even when my hands freeze and can only hover over the unfinished letter
when i drift back into the realm of past and future, shopping malls
the water doesn't quench quite right and i wait for the barbeque that won't happen
the morning rain hilarious in its timing, genius in its afternoon absence, tempest
i'll make myself sick with peanut butter laziness and shakespearean verse, but it'll all return tomorrow to keep me company

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