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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


the breathing was warm and slow
the hand lightly rested on my chin, slid onto my neck, down my throat, ever so slightly tapping my esophagus, they, the fingers, reached my collar bone and moved in a horizontal line along the length, perpendicular to the throat motion, my life suddenly became one huge erotic geometry problem
the other hand lay between my legs, but it didn't stay there, it traced the curves and arcs of my soft body,
they eventually met on each side of my face, pulling me into a silent kiss, a tingling echo dropped down my spine as spine met bed
the hand/s pleasured me for a few minutes, moaning and gentle thrusting, until we dispersed with the hands altogether and in a swift motion i was on top
in the breathing i could only seem to think about the angles, moved this way and that to make the math correct
we descended beneath the covers, ocean of waves, sines, cosines, tangents
the friction and the science of it all, heat
laughter dopplered, halls echoed, classrooms filled
at first i was just another university,
i charmed with my books and architecture
a sound outside, birds or cars or something, but the motion doesn't halt for a second
my whisper, the answering noise, not quite a moan, not a word, vowels, a culminating hiss
we met after some lecture or show or something, i don't remember, i just remember looking at the same point on stage, following the pacing, hearing brilliant words but not caring, listening to things i remembered saying once
the sun set, orange light stretched through the windows, on the floor, on us, the desks, the bed, it dimmed but nothing stopped
the darkness surprised, the work and problem solving halted, i glanced out the window at the illuminated streetlights, saw the flick of a lighter in the reflection, heard the burning, and soon began inhaling the smoke as a leg rubbed against mine, soon the two were resting atop mine so i couldn't move and i began to think about angles again, absentmindedly staring at the same spot in the empty street,
the campus had been so empty
a caress, turn and the hand held the magical piece of heaven to me, suspended, flashing fields of vision, i chose the street and flick, inhaled, hands on my hips, sliding, searching
stop it, i said, but i didn't want it to stop, the hands knew this, inhale, laughter,
i turned back to the bed, the eyes, the mouth, the hands drew me nearer and the tongue searched my clavicle, the lips tasted my shoulder
there was tasting that night, of those heinous refreshments afterward and the water drink, none of it mattered because the conversation was food enough, in those first moments and smiles i knew those hands would be on my body, i knew my mouth would trace the muscles of that chest down, down and my eyes would discover the sparse body hair, and we'd discover intricate forms and shapes and things textbooks only dream of expressing about the physical, real, imaginary worlds
dawn approaching,
variables eventually changing, no longer just another university
i thought of planes, wedges, levers, the world of symbols and letters
problems, multi-step problems, multi-answers, some without answers, some nights the hyperbolas remain suspended motionless, some nights sitting, working, breathing as one parabola
the body and i danced around equations, nothing was constant
dawn came and went,
when the shapes wouldn't leave my dreams i got up, found a shirt, and began making coffee
i walked slowly back, a mug full of black in each hand, a flat, constant line met my eyes and i smiled, sat down until X and Y values increased, sleepy eyes and sleepy lips, i hold the mug out and the hands tenderly took it as it takes everything, my body, pencils, pens, pipes, the math that morning uncomplicated

i began writing this at around 4am this morning. fell asleep, thought of a bit more when i woke up. and here i am. like all my other nonsense, i didn't intend for it to be this long. but i'm interested with where it's going and probably going to continue. yeah? let me know what you think.

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