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Friday, May 21, 2010

i think his name is nick

he asked me for a piece of gum, he said, you wouldn't happen to have another piece of gum, would you,
i said, oh let me check, i should, even though i knew i did
i said, i do, and he said thanks and i said you're welcome
i wanted to ask him for a camel light in the same way
it was sitting on his desk, and it looked so crisp and clean and delightfully unhealthy
that was all he had, cigarettes and his phone and a copy of the book we were reading,
that was all,
he couldn't even bother with a backpack or some other less uncool bag to carry his things
so that was all he had, with his brown shiny leather boot shoes and that almost hidden tattoo on his arm and those damn cigarettes
i wanted to ask him like he asked me, you know, gum for cigarette
but it was the middle of the class, and it would have been awkward to sit for the remaining hour with a cigarette on my desk or tucked behind my ear,
i didn't want to take my own pack out because then he'd see that i still had one left

YES, short and complete. or at least more concise than i'm used to when i'm letting my mind wander. i suppose it's also because this was such a brief incident and there isn't much more to say about it. haha


Geneviéve Cuva said...

I like how the last two lines tie it together in my mind.

(is it still called penpals if we're in college? I feel as if there should be a huge fancy word for it.)

Soogie said...

lololol oh gen, i love you~ *^^*

i really liked this one for some reason.. >.<

can't put a finger on it~