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Monday, April 12, 2010

10 things

thanks so much to kaulani for passing the "honest scrap award" to me. i have to say 10 honest, uncommon things about myself, so here goes:

1. i'm left-handed.
2. i'm really into recycling. i don't just mean putting paper, cardboard, and plastic into bins; i mean reusing the things we would normally throw away. i've made collages and journals from old magazines, and a few months ago i started some art projects with tea bags [i drink A LOT of tea.] and newspapers. hopefully sharing this will give me motivation to finish. our consumerist society really terrifies and disgusts me. we should use less materials and what we do use, we should find ways to use it completely and not overlook its potential for beauty and value.
3. when i say i don't know what to do with my life, i sincerely mean it. a lot of people doubt me, because i mention things more than others and occasionally stick to something for a while... but it always changes. i haven't declared a major yet. i'm only studying english because i don't hate literature as much as i hate everything else. i'm starting to hate literature too. i really have no gauge of and no confidence in my abilities. my future is a brick wall.
4. i really love spongebob squarepants. he's the happiest, sweetest, simplest cartoon character i've ever seen and he ALWAYS puts a smile on my face.
5. i wore braces for about 4 years [4th-7th grade?]. my smile is one of the few things i take pride in.
6. i'm terrified of coral reef, and i don't know why.
7. i think more than i should, and do less than i should.
8. i'm afraid i'll never find someone to fall in love with. i'm afraid i'll be alone forever.
9. i like connecting with people in old-fashioned ways - writing letters, sending postcards, bonding over a cigarette.
10. it has taken me a very long time to write these things, and i think i'm over-thinking everything haha. and i'm sure in a little while i'll think of so many better, more interesting things i could have said.

and now i'm supposed to choose 6 people for this award. unfortunately i don't follow that many bloggers, and i doubt i even have that many readers [LOL]. but i'll pass this on to:
1. genevieve because her writing is inspiring, original, beautiful and, appropriately, honest. read her poems and i guarantee you'll feel more alive.
2. soogie because she's one of the most honest people i know. she writes about her life in a straight-forward, unembellished way. her posts are a direct reflection of her personality, and i often find myself laughing or being in a better mood by the time i finish reading.
3. tomi [even though she probably won't read this] because she really is honest and true to herself. her posts are usually reflections on experiences and life in general.

and that concludes my list =/ i would have included bri, but i don't know how often she gets on here anymore lol.
anyway, hope you enjoyed.


Soogie said...

gracias for mentioning me.. kekeke.. i'll post them up as soon as im out of this hellhole class.. >.<

Geneviéve Cuva said...
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Geneviéve Cuva said...

Whoo for 9! I'm much more comfortable writing letters, as opposed to sending emails.
& for 10, I thought that I would be able to do it all at once, but this ended up happening to me too. u_u