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Friday, September 17, 2010


his voice perfect, not soft or high or anything strange, maybe quiet but firm and clear. what he was saying was truth. simple and deep. he made me laugh, and want to cry, and pick up pen and paper, or open a word document. his intentions were pure, i could tell, and his stance neutral. not too neutral, though. his opinions were clear like his voice and beautiful wording, but not patronizing or judging. it was simple curiosity, and it was genius. he told us that there's no such thing as an aspiring writer, just writers. and i knew it was true because i've felt that tugging at my heart, making me drum my fingers, for years and years. being a writer, he said, is the most vulnerable of professions. and it's so true. just think about it for a minute, i couldn't possibly explain it as fluidly as he did. just as he described the nature of novels, their uselessness and superfluousness to society that makes them that much more necessary. it's about freedom and imagination, and the beauty of art. i don't have money, or else i would have bought the book, and one for my mother, and another for someone else. and i would have had him sign it, and made small-talk, momentarily bond when i mentioned i'm a vegetarian too. i listened to the poetry in his words, and couldn't believe i hadn't read any of his books yet, ashamed that he kept being pushed into the Will Read Soon or Eventually pile. he was hilarious and real and brilliant. he introduced me to the world again, the simplicity connecting all things. those moments, oddly, reassured me that i may not be royally fucking up my life or everything around me. for the first time in days, i didn't worry about the future. not exactly, directly, at least. i felt calm, i was enraptured in calm and the literature of life, and it felt nice.

jonathan safran foer did a reading of his new book eating animals, and a q & a session followed. he really is wonderful. earlier i was inclined to describe him as "magical." obviously i enjoyed what he was saying, but there was/is something else going on in my head and it intrigues me. even in "depressed" times like this i'm grateful for the city and nyu, if only for the unique life-affirming and/or eye-opening experiences...


Geneviéve Cuva said...

Sounds glorious.
I'll have to find it somehow.

Soogie said...

you are so blessed... LOLOLOL

and yes, i am working on my hair. got permission to cut it from my mom (shorter, but not too short, for fear of looking like my brother...)

but i didn't tell her about the blonde thing. i found the right dye... i'm going to work on it after fall break... which is like the 2nd week of october..

it's so far away...

but i'm tempted to buy the dye RIGHT NOW before i get cold feet...

two bleachings... one lavender dye to make it platinum.

yes, i did study how to bleach my hair... on my own...


but dude, i DO want to change my face... am i depressed or something??? kekekkeee