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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

any guy will tell you you're beautiful to get into your costume and underneath the face paint [unfinished?]

all we could do was laugh
our eyes met on the couch, in the elevator, on the dancefloor
we were just characters in that novel, i kept thinking
the different hims and yous blended too closely
and the lights strobed to the rhythm of
my hips moved with the knowledge of touch
and sweet talk
transformation incantations
in retrospect
i listened three too many times
let three too many pairs of lips whisper, breathe, linger at my ear
too many hands
sideways glances to check if we were still okay
if the fantasy was still swirling, if my drink was still full, if my underwear was still on

all we can do is laugh
awake again in the fluorescence
remember the bags boys breads burning cigarettes bundles of clothes socks sweaters

a jumpsuit and leggings
midafternoon breakfast
who thinks i'm beautiful now just the
ringing phone, ears
the chai hand holding mine
orange kissing
my throat, juicy
laughing crying weeping the page

i'm starting to cringe about what i've done this weekend. i might as well change my middle name to Hot Mess. but i love my best friend tomi, and halloween, and new york.

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