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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


the best thing about a new day
is that it's a new day
and anything can happen.
i woke up this morning around 3 from strange dreams
and then had more strange/sad dreams until i went to work at 8.
i didn't want to leave my bed
but i'm glad i did
because the day was okay.
i got to be distracted.
i cried during my lunch break
but that's okay
because they were productive tears
and things are alright again
(for the moment)
and i felt better.
when i left work i was greeted by rain. and then i came home and relaxed with a cup of tea and some pizza.
my life and my mood have so many ups and downs,
so i really appreciate moments like this when i just
and i'm not feeling too much or too little.
i just am.
and it feels good.

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