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Thursday, April 11, 2013

the fruits of Paradise taste sweeter every day.

it was clear for a while that i had lost a part of myself somewhere between new york and ohio. but now in california, i'm beginning to find myself again.
every day i wake up happier than the last.
my days are filled with airy rides in the truck, play time with the black lab Bear, quiet time with my one and only stefan.
and i feel this move has brought us closer. our love has shown itself to be deeper than i ever could have imagined.
a future together is blossoming before us.
this place, with its sunshinenature and nice people, is beginning to feel more like home than ohio ever felt.
i'm finding peace in the little things. i'm searching for beauty again in unexpected places. i'm learning more things about myself as i learn more things about this environment.
i've been here a little over a week and there's still so much to see and experience. and i'm trying to greet it all with open arms. go with the flow. don't let this new place be too overwhelming. and really, i can't see how it could be. i'm in a quiet mountain town with the most amazing person, surrounded by his wonderful family. i couldn't have asked for a better situation to move into. (well to be honest, the reason for the move isn't so great. stefan's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.) but just to enter such a comfortable place has taken the majority of the stress away.
i want to end by saying how truly lucky i am. stefan tells me multiple times a day how beautiful and perfect i am. how we're perfect for each other, and i couldn't agree more. he's been referring to me as his fiancee more and more, which leaves me all-smiles with tears practically streaming from my eyes. we're in it for the long haul. there is no one else i'd rather spend my life with. i could be with him forever and more. to infinity and beyond. all that stuff.

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Soogie Choi said...

Gawd,, so beautiful...

I'm gonna drag my skinny-ass boyfriend over so we can all hang out! WOO HOO!!!