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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a drain to what

i feel dead
like someone sucked the life out of me
i can barely smoke the cigarette he slipped into my pack
i am melting
beneath summer heat and summer obligations
i am shrinking
and crying
and wailing
anguish sounds in every message
burning incense stick
every cup of tea
shattered mugs in the imagination
a wind that won't carry me away
punctuated rain
sleepytime allthetime
i told my soul to wake up
shaken beaten chastised
and still it slumbers
until some second coming
a second season or
a second fuck or
a second life
a third a fourth
a century wasted
on cheap wine and television
cheap people and stories
a skeleton ready to buckle
be assembled anew
in the proper ways of growing up
and growing boring
growing dead and dissatisfied
i can't do it
lift my arm
it's deteriorating
ruin flowing through veins
leaden weight keeping me immobile
lies churning brain whirlpool
a drain to what


Soogie said...

and this is how i feel right now.

i miss you.

Geneviéve Cuva said...

I'm sorry. I'll let you know what days I work next week, so we can finally go out & adventure!

Soogie said...

chocobaba~~~ what's happening to me???

hahahahahaha~~ izza so pathetic, no?

it's not like me to be so reckless...