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Saturday, December 25, 2010

until... [christmasy thoughts or something]

a touch of red
and white wine
striped socks slid out of oldnew drawers, remembered
beneath vixen fingers glide thread and needle
wrapping paper candle
cookie pie, snow sunlight
loud phone calls with distant realms of the heart while
the table waits expectant turkey cools
books wait for ritual to subside diminish forget
and glasses of wine sit and reflect, watch elf with the rest
and glitter the secrets of sober mind
texts from strangers and those close
faraway lovers with invisible arms hugging stroking
lounging under weight of tomorrow's cares
pre-worry pre-plan new
year's resolution
beneath home lights in front of television swirled into
complexly simple conversation suspended
and then the week is over the year has turned and life reignites
turns crimson again at the fingertips black soon in an instant
bracelets cling to inches of skin, time greets the age
golden vanilla reaches cinnamon arm
shapes colors wrap beneath blankets
greet tomorrow with open limbs empty bags laden pockets
spend into oblivion fix for the fresh year
endless white until


Geneviéve Cuva said...

So I actually saw this on tumblr first, and then I came here because it's easier to comment?
At some point, we are adventuring. Before the 3rd.

Geneviéve Cuva said...

I know that I liked this on tumblr or whatever, but I feel as if I neglected to mention that I really, really like this. It sounds smooth & flows well, and generally is just made of Christmas & New Years & fireworks.